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New Creole Hip-Hop United Summit Conference Call

Join Us This Sunday 10/12/2008
At 5:55 pm Pacific Standard Time (West Coast Time)
6:55 pm Mountain Standard Time (Mountain Time)
7:55 Central Standard Time (Midwest Time)
8:55 pm Eastern Standard Time (East Coast Time)

New Call # Call# 1(309)-946-5200
Access Code: 895125

Agenda Topics

How should the name for the movement be written? Should it be called “Rap Creole”, “Rap Kreyol”, “Creole Hip-Hop”, “Kreyol Hip-Hop” …etc we need ONE name, to make it an official music genre.

Educating yourselves on the history of Hip-Hop and the fundamental elements such as, “DJ’ing”, “MC’ing”, “Rapping”, “Graffiti Art Work”, etc.

Creating professional networks for Promoters, DJ’s, Producers, etc.

Brainstorming the idea of creating a “Creole Hip-Hop Week”. Possibly focusing on the date that Hip-Hop was first created and or around the death of Master DJI.

Marketing (focus on the movements web presence)

Going beyond Haiti (more global)

Focusing on areas of improvement within the movement

If you have any questions regarding The Creole Hip-Hop United Summit, our upcoming conference call, or the agenda topics please feel free to contact me by using the information above.

T-Block, Coordinator
The Creole Hip-Hop United Summit

RULES WHEN BEING log ON THE CALL Please respect the speakers & everyone who are on the call! They are taking time from their busy schedule to help educate us all, so that means MUTE YOUR PHONE! To MUTE YOUR PHONE PRESS THE FOLLOWING: *6 or on your cell phone menu press MUTE… Phones must be muted after you have announced your name. ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE EMAIL me:

Plase Call on Time Or Lines Will Close Exactly At 6:15 PM PST / 7:15 PM MST / 8:15 PM CST / 9:15 EST

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